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  1. Fresh Incense Sticks

    Perfect for gifting and personal use, these Fresh Incense Sticks burn for a longer period of time. Our incense sticks are wisely made from bamboo sticks and charcoal. They have the best mixture of barks, essential oils, flowers and resins. The combination of all these natural ingredients creates an amazing and pleasant aromatic smell. Emit no harmful smoke fumes, these incense sticks are have strong and pleasant floral fragrance that makes your atmosphere soothing and peaceful.
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  2. Indian Fragrance Incense Stick

    The Indian Fragrance Incense Stick is wisely processed from finest quality bamboo logs, charcoal and aromatic oil. These incense sticks are used in temples, homes and shops for worshipping god and for spreading fragrance that lasts for many hours. It helps create a positive environment in the interiors of your home. These hand crafted incense sticks are offered to clients in a wide range of fragrances to meet their exact needs.
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  3. Incense Cone Stick

    The Incense Cone Stick is the perfect blend of herbs, essential oils and flower, mixed together to create a cooling earthy fragrance. These are widely used for spiritual or meditational purpose and for creating inviting and refreshing aura. In addition, these cone sticks are also used for conveying prayers to god every morning. These sticks are the best in terms of purity and quality. We carefully pack these incense sticks in air tight and moisture proof packaging for long shelf life.
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  4. Coloured Incense Sticks

    The Coloured Incense Sticks come with an engulfing aroma of essential oils and flowers. These incense sticks help in relaxing body and mind and have a healing aroma which is commonly known for its medicinal benefits and as a bacteria repellent. Enjoy a comforting, subtle, and relaxing fragrance of your choice with coloured incense sticks from our variety. These incense sticks are specially crafted to burn in an even manner. It emits your favourite fragrance in a smooth course.
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  5. Flora Incense Stick

    Flora Incense Stick is wisely processed using superior quality extracts of natural plants and flowers. These natural extracts offer long lasting soothing fragrance in the incense sticks. Feature pleasant fragrance, these incense sticks have the most fresh and sharp herbal aroma. It freshens up the air and lightens up the surroundings. It is equally suitable for meditation, relaxation or setting a peaceful ambience.
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